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Published: 16th July 2009
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During his short career Elvis Presley overcame many barriers in music especially because he performed gospel music at his shows.

He was influenced greatly, in the town of Tupelo Mississippi where he was born and raised, by songs of inspiration and gospel music in his church including rhythm and blues.

Elvis Presley Lyrics & Gospel Songs

During Elvis early days of performing live and on shows like Ed Sullivan it was not of the norm to sing gospel songs especially if you were a rock & roll artist.

There was little doubt that he truly enjoy gospel music as the songs of inspiration poured out of his heart and soul with each and every note. Peoples lives were changed around the world by hearing his gospel music sang with such devotion and inspiration.

Many Elvis gospel songs and albums were recorded during his career of which you'll find all words the these songs at Elvis Presley lyrics.

Surprisingly as many songs as he recorded during his career the only Grammies he won were his gospel songs.

Elvis was granted his first Grammy for his beautiful version of the classic "How Great Thou Art" in 1967.

"How Great Thou Art" yet again grabbed another Grammy in 1974 nominated this time for a live version he recorded and got a nomination for the best inspirational performance.

Additional Grammy nominations were also received for "He Touched Me" and "You'll Never Walk Alone".

Additional top sellers for Elvis gospel songs are "Amazing Grace", "Take My Hand" and "He Touched Me" to mention a few.

During his lifetime he was often referred to by his showgoers as "The King" however remaining humble to the very end Elvis would reply "There is only one King and that is our lord Jesus Christ!"

This very day one thing remains very clear. Elvis Presley's popularity continues to flourish. as the legacy of his music shines bright forever in our lives, our hearts and our souls.

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